First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021



Proverbs31. “Mothers, GOD’s Love” Sunday May 13, 2018, 11am
A mother, following GOD’s commands, to love her husband and children, exhibits a true representation, of GOD’s Love.

It is a shame, that our world today, does not honor, that love but regards it as, something beneath, a woman’s dignity. It is an attack, on womanhood and the family, that the antichrist, wants to destroy.

Blessed is the woman, that accepts the role, of a dedicated mother. At the end of the day, she can look back, without regrets, that her love and activities, were not misplaced.

We see in this proverb, that the mother, works and is very activity, in providing for her household. Not only that, but she is a good steward, with the family’s, financial affairs. She does not spend, her family into bankruptcy, on things not needed. She, is not caught up, in trying to keep up, with the Joneses, but she, is determined to provide, the necessities, her family needs.

She is dedicated, to her husband and he can, have confidence that she, will not take part in today's’ movement to infidelity. She looks after, her children that they, will have the necessary, things in life.

Her family, is her love and finds, complete satisfaction, in being dedicated, to them.

Her praise, is the fruit of her hands, and she is known, throughout the community, for her love for her family. She even looks, upon the community and helps, those in need.

She is blessed, because her children, recognize her efforts and they, rise up and call, her blessed. Her husband, gives thanks to GOD, for such a virtuous woman, that showers, GOD’s love on him.
A. How blessed, is the husband, of such a GODly wife. 10-13
B. This wife, is dedicated to the success of the family. 14-21
C. This wife, also, keeps up her appearance. 22-24
D. Doing GOD’s work, brings joy, now and in the future.25-27
E. She will, reap praises, from GOD, children and husband. 28-31
May GOD through his son Jesus our savior, bless you with his grace and peace, multiplied.