First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021



John15. "Power Shortage?" Sunday April 29, 2018, 11am

Are we facing a power shortage in life?

If we want our tv, stove, refrigerator, etc., to work, we have to find, a source of power, for each one. When we go to plug something in, lots of times, we have to move something, to get to the plug. This source of power, can be stopped, by a lot of things, in the outside world. One of the largest, loss of power, that I remember, was when thousands, of homes were without power, because a squirrel, decided to make, a transformer, his home.

How about power for our life? Jesus, is the only true, source of power, for our life. It sure sounds easy, what could be in our way? However strange as it might seem, the obstacle, we have to move, to reach that power, is us. The power, that Jesus gives, is always, available and never, runs out. As mighty as that power is, and available, and never runs out, a lot of homes and lives are without that power.

Jesus says abide in me and I will abide in you. To abide in Jesus, we must live a life of faith in Jesus, and obey the word of GOD. We are not to let trials or hardships turn us away from Jesus. Hold fast to the faith, no matter what, do not be discouraged and doubt, your faith. Stay connected, to your Christian friends, in Bible study, and acknowledge GOD, through our savior Jesus, in all thy ways and GOD will direct thy paths.

A. Jesus is the proper source of Power for Life. 1-8
B. Jesus’s love is available always, continue in his love.9-11
C. That we love one another, as Jesus loves us.12-17
D. The world hated Jesus, so it will hate us. 18-25
E. Jesus will send the comforter who will teach the truth. 26-28
May GOD through his son Jesus our savior bless you with his grace and peace multiplied.