First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


ISAIAH 49."Hear the Masters Call" Sunday March 25, 2018, 11am
Some seven hundred years before Jesus’ birth, GOD, calls the whole world to listen, his son Jesus, is coming, to save the world.
GOD, has given Jesus, the word of GOD, for his power, it is sharper, than any two, edged sword. Jesus, is the light, that shall bring salvation, and lead mankind, out of the darkness of sin, for all the world.
At the acceptable time of the Lord, shall our Savior come. This will be, a covenant for, the people in bondage to sin, and GOD says, AI will send my son, that you, may be free. Go forth, feed, on my word, and find that full and abundant life@. Once, we have been set free, we will see, the great sacrifice, of our savior and break forth, in praise.
People are constantly saying, why did GOD forget me, and let this happen, to me. We, only have to look at, the life of Joseph and see the things, that happened to him. However, GOD, was with him, in all of his trials and Joseph, never complained, of being forsaken, because GOD never, forgets his children.
The church, will be founded so that all people, may hear the word, of the Lord, and people, from all over the earth will flock to it. Look, at any given Sunday and know, that millions are now, in our churches, to worship the King of kings, and Lord of Lords.
Though sin, may have many captive, and they see no hope, GOD reminds us, that no matter, how strong the captor, GOD, through Jesus the Christ, will teach us his word, and, praise the Lord, set us free.
Pharisees, Sadducees, we, cannot believe, that they missed the coming of the Messiah. But, so does a lot, of our wise men today.
A. Jesus, the glory of Israel, came for all, listen to him everyone. 1-6
B. Those that reject and despise will one day confess and bow. 7-12
C. Break forth in praise, seeing how great a salvation. 13
D. People forget GOD, GOD never forgets his people. 14-16
E. The church shall be founded and draw in great numbers 18-23 
F. Who frees us from this mighty evil? Jesus our Lord and redeemer. 24-26 
May GOD through His son Jesus bless you with His grace and peace multiplied.