First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021



Matt17: “GOD’s Beloved Son” Sunday September 24, 2017, 11am

Let us not forget, what GOD said, about the son of man, Jesus, whom we, love as our savior; GOD said this is my beloved son.

Now, we only, have to reach, into our minds and think, of the one we love most, and how we love, to treat them, then, we will get a small, understanding how GOD, loved his son, Jesus.

What. will we think or do. if someone mistreats. our loved ones? We, can expect, that kind of reaction, when someone mistreats, GOD’s beloved son.

GOD’s beloved son, shows us, what real love is like, when he died for us on the cross, a terrible death, of horrific pain of which we are incapable of describing.

Let us pray, that we, can have sacrificial love, for Jesus, and all of mankind.

Let us, not pump ourselves up, but let us, show the humility, that Jesus showed. We have, seen his humility, to be the GOD of glory, and yet thought, it not robbery, to give all that up, for you and me.

What can we say but to GOD be the glory, great things he has done.

A. Confirmation that Jesus is GOD’s beloved son.1-9
B. Elijah was here, in spirit, in John the Baptist. 10-13
C. Jesus has mercy on all who come unto him.14-21
D. Jesus confides in his disciples he must die and will rise again. 22-23
E. Even though he was high priest, Jesus paid the temple tax. 24-27
May GOD through his beloved son Jesus give you grace and peace multiplied.