First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


Matthew 13. "Heart Failure?" Sunday August 27, 2017 11am
Jesus, taught in parables to the people. Many, however, had heart failure, and could hear, but did not understand. Many, however, with an evil heart, could see, but, they did not see, the truth.
We as his disciples can understand these parables because, through Jesus our savior, the Holy Spirit has anointed our hearts, with the power to understand.
Seed, is used in three, separate parables. The sower and the seed, tells us, that the word, must fall, upon, the good heart, willing, to nurture the seed, by accepting Jesus, as our savior, studying the scriptures, believing the scriptures, striving to follow the scriptures. This, will enable us, to hear and see, what GOD has intended for us.
The tares, among the wheat, explains to us that we, will always have, the wicked among us, but, the day, of separation, will come. The wicked, will finally, see the light, however, upon the day, of separation, there will be wailing and gnashing, of teeth.
Amazingly, enough, the small seed, of faith, in each us, who study, his word and walk, by faith, can grow, into a strong faith, that will, sustain us, in our life. Pray, for this kind, of faith.
The greatest treasure, that is to be sought, is the kingdom of heaven, just as wea would seek, any pearl, of great price. Jesus, tells us, in Matt 6:33, seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.                                            
Knowing, the messenger, of the gospel, and having, grown up, with him, makes it hard, to give full, attention to the message.
A. The sower and the seed, where has the seed fallen in our life. 1-23
B.  Like Tares among the wheat, evil will always be with us. 24-30. 34-43
C. Our faith like a grain of mustard seed should grow big and strong. 31-32
D. Placing the word in our heart, like leaven affects our whole life. 33
E. The Kingdom of heaven is the greatest earthly treasure,44-48
F. The wicked, severed, brings wailing and gnashing of teeth.49-52
G. A prophet is without honor in his own country. 53-58
May GOD through Jesus our Savior bless you with His grace and peace.