First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


 Matthew 8. “Powerful Faith” Sunday July 16, 2017

The question, often comes, why does GOD, not answer my prayer? We will, look at some of the attributes, of those  prayers, that  Jesus did answer.

So when we pray, make sure, we are following the lead, of these people, whose prayers were answered.

In the Leper, we see that he recognized, that Jesus could heal and that healing would come if it is GOD’s  will.

In the healing, of the centurion’s servant, we see, great humility. The centurion, was a man, of great authority, but he submitted, his authority to Jesus. It also shows, what we can do, when we pray for others. 

Bringing others to Christ, can  result in their physical healing, as well as healing, of the soul,  from the power of Satan.

In the healing, of Simon’s mother, we find that Simon, was a believer and follower of Jesus. Our families, will benefit, from our faithfulness to GOD, through Jesus our savior.

In the midst, of the storm, when we are fearful, and are not, standing on faith GOD will bring power, to our lives, to strengthen our faith,. 

Just, as in that day, when Jesus healed, the two, who were possessed by demons,  the people, who saw his power, were afraid and rebuked Jesus. In our day, as the word of GOD, still opposes evil, people are asking, that GOD be sent away also. 

So exercising, as much faith, as we can muster, including all the above steps, remember no matter what is the outcome, the answer or lack of, let our faith never waver.

A. The Leper said “if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean” 1-4
B.  Centurion of great authority, submitted that, before Jesus 5-13
C.  Simon’s faithfulness, Jesus saw the need, took care of it. 14-15
D. Bring people to Jesus; heals so much; especially, the soul. 16-18
E. Do not let anything, interfere, with following Jesus. 19-22
F. No matter the storm, Jesus, can bring great calm 23-27
G. Seeing GOD’s power, let’s  grow, closer, not send him away 28-34
GOD bless you with His grace and peace multiplied