First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


Ephesians1. "Father, Son, Holy Spirit" Sunday March 26, 2017, 11am
As we enter the Easter season, we see in the first Chapter of Ephesians, the unfolding of GOD's plan; by the Father, through the Son, revealed and protected, by the Holy Spirit.  
Paul prays a special pray for us that we must extend on to each other. “ 2 Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Grace is the overall welfare of each one saved by faith in Jesus, giving peace, comfort, guidance, love, etc.
Grace is the gift of Salvation, and the overall welfare of each one saved by faith in Jesus. We can have Peace, in a world of fear and turmoil, we can have the peace that passseth all understanding. We can walk full of joy as evil has raised its ugly head even stronger in today’s world. 
Can you believe how a person who preaches the evil truth would stand for that evil truth on the front page of our newspaper. Not only that, but our newspaper allows such evil to be put on the front page. Evil is boldly rushing in to our schools, they have a new book that they are wanting to teach to the young children in our schools, that “Jacob wants to wear his dress to school.” Instead of encouraging and directing people to the straight and narrow, they are recommending the broad road.
Is it time for us to rise up oh men of GOD?    
In the first three chapters, Paul reveals, oh the blessings through grace, brought down to man from Calvary. Then in the last three chapters we find how a Christian should live.
Each time we see GOD's grace blessing us; let the praises ring out and give GOD the glory. Let us through Jesus the Christ, seek those blessings and the wonder working power that is available to all who believe.
Paul anointed by Jesus, Prays for us to have Grace and peace. 1-2
GOD's plan was formulated before the beginning of the world. 3-6
Jesus paid it all 7-12
Christians protected for all eternity by the Holy Spirit. 12-14
Pray for spiritual revelation, bringing rejoicing in the Lord. 15-18
Seek that wonder working power in the blood. 19-23
GOD bless you with His grace and peace multiplied