First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


1Corinthians 7. "Marriage" February 19, 11am 2017
Two things we do, Marriage, raising children, most do not have any training and we do mostly on the job training. Young people, I would suggest that you take courses in high school, college that deals with relationships and how to raise children. Couples spend hours planning and a great deal of money on weddings, but alas they spend no time on how to function after the wedding.
The Bible is the final word on all things, and should be studied so we can spot advice that runs contrary to what the word says. Make sure the books you read and study are from a Biblical perspective.
Marriage takes two individuals, who have married imperfect people, working hard, sometimes to just endure each other. If we do what the Bible says by putting the other first, that will reduce the conflicts. If we are working together what great times of joy in the Lord, we will have.
People wanting to get married, should have a bucket list of things even before they date, that they consider important. Never date someone who fails the bucket list or when they do, break off the relationship. Parents sit down with your children and help them make a bucket list of things the mate they are looking for must have. I repeat, must have.
Some things, like "practicing Christian", nondrinker, nonsmoker, even tempered, has a job, lives by a budget, etc. I had ten things a woman must be, before I would marry her. A pretty or handsome face does not offset years of sorrow with a person loaded with baggage, check the baggage out before even dating. Check with friends who will tell the you the truth, your pastor, your what? "yikes" parents. I cannot list here all the things that I counsel couples, wanting me to perform the wedding, but most of the time is too late. They always giggle oh yes pastor we do that. Actually, pastors should wait about six months and then the couple will listen intently
 Two books we must get: 1.” The five love languages” which helps us tell each other what makes us happy, do not try to get the other to guess what makes us happy. 2. “Saving your marriage before it starts”.
Remember two working together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will share so many more joys than sorrows.
Put the other spouse first. 1-9
Make sure; as we are not to leave our spouse. 11-16
No activity except following the scriptures means anything to GOD! 17-24
Stay single, however marriage is not sinful. 25-40
GOD bless you with his grace and peace multiplied.