First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


1cor4. "A Pastor is?" Sunday Morning 11am February 5, 2017
A pastor is a servant of GOD responsible for proclaiming the good news.
 Many people feel the pastor should be at the beck and call of each church member. When in actuality the people should be at the beck and call of the pastor.
If need be, the pastor, should be the final answer on all decisions and his answer should be based on the scriptures. The pastor should not abuse this privilege, but should do all things with great humility.
The scriptures teach us that the pastor should be faithful in proclaiming the Holy Scriptures. Pastors must not fall to the temptation to proclaim popular solutions that are not scripturally founded. Pastors and the congregation must not add to or take away from the scriptures. The congregation should demand that the pastor preach the word as it is written.
The pastor must not be puffed up. Some pastors have developed skills such as singing, playing an instrument, etc. and are proud of their developed skills. Now we must in great humility remember that all things were given to us, so we have no reason to consider ourselves above other preachers or other members of the congregation.
 Congregations should select pastors on spirit, and the true preaching of the word. Most congregations look for old, young, degrees, etc. and never look at the spirit of the pastor and his proclamation of the word.
 One old preacher friend of mine described the pulpit committee and the prospective preacher as a liar’s convention. The pulpit committee says the church is full of the spirit and is ready to do this and that and the preacher says he will do this and that, both knowing that it will not take place. It is sad when we try to trick the church into taking a pastor or the pastor trying to trick the church into taking him.
A Pastor is. 1-5.
A Pastor is not. 6-13
Nothing but the truth, so help me GOD. 14-17
When I preach the word, there will be power, Not theatrics. 19-21
May GOD bless America and you with his grace and peace multiplied