First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


Psalm35. “Stand with Me” Wednesday January 4, 2017, 7pm

David spent many a day fighting and running from his enemies. David realized that he could not stand without the Lord’s help. He cried out for the Lord to stand with him in the face of his enemies.

Praying for the plans of his enemies to be confounded and put to shame. David prayed for GOD to confuse his enemies, make their plans fail as if they were walking down a slippery slope in the dark and let the angel of the Lord punish them.

Much like today, the enemy in many a case was from within and lies were widespread so the people would not be with David. Let destruction come upon them and my heart will sing what a mighty GOD you are!

No matter what, my soul shall rejoice in thy salvation. One of the greatest blessings in all of life is that we can always rejoice that our name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.

David, as with most of us, was very impatient and said how long, O Lord, must I wait? Stir up Lord and right this wrong against me, and I will shout for joy, and tell of your wonderful mercies to all the land.

  1. Stand with me against my enemies; O Lord. 1-3
  2. Let the path of my enemies, be dark and confusing. 4-8
  3. Then my soul shall sing, what a mighty loving GOD you are. 9-10
  4. I returned their evil with good, prayed for them when they were sick. 11-16
  5. Stir up thyself Lord, how long must I wait? 17-26
  6. Then we will shout for joy, magnify the Lord! 27-29
  7. GOD bless you with his grace and peace, multiplied