First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


Psalm31. “Benefits of Trusting GOD” Wednesday 9th 2016, 7 pm
The psalmist list the reasons, benefits of praying with faith to the Lord.
First, he knows that he will never be ashamed for trusting in GOD. The bible assures us that those who know Jesus as savior will not be confounded or ashamed at the coming of our Lord.
The Lord is the stronger than any sanctuary here on this earth, he is the rock of ages and our soul will be delivered to GOD, safe, pure and spotless by the blood of the lamb. He has given us the Holy Spirit and his word to lead and guide us.
Another amazing benefit no matter how bad the trouble, I can rejoice that all is well with my soul, since my name is written in the lamb’s book of life.
Another major benefit is we can express how desolate and desperate we believe things to be. With our desperate attempt to convince GOD how bad we have it, we can also confess to GOD that we recognize he is our only hope for a solution.
Our advice to all in trouble or in prosperity, love the Lord, trust the word, and be of good courage
Listing the many benefits of trusting in God. 1-6.
In trouble, I can rejoice, for all is well with my soul. 7, 8.
We Do not hold back, Explain to GOD how bad things really are. 9-13.
Acknowledging our only hope is to put our trust in GOD. 14-18.
Confidently expresses faith that GOD will hear and act. 19-22
Only thing to do friends, love the Lord and be of good courage. 23-24
GOD bless you with his grace and peace multiplied