First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


Psalm30. “Joy Cometh in the Morning” Wednesday November 30, 2016, 7pm

Let us look back at the great tribulations, that GOD has brought us through and the great joy we experienced. This is a time of shouting and singing the praises of our never leave us nor forsake us, holy GOD.

Remember, troubles, sorrows, may endure for a while, but when my Lord moves to assist me and hears my cries, I know that Joy will be with me soon and I can shout with the psalmist of old, “praise the Lord, Joy cometh in the Morning”.

The greatest blessing that we can have is that GOD has protected our soul and we must sing and declare GOD’s great mercy to us.

We have done a lot of weeping, but our joy is complete when GOD moves and removes all the hurt, sorrow, anxiety from our time of weeping.

GOD may bless our life with lots of good things and make us prosperous, but we must not  move our trust and joy from GOD to these earthly blessings.

We are glad that you have not let us turn into dust, before our time. Also, you have saved our soul from going into the pit. We are glad that you have protected our life a little longer on this earth, for we cannot praise thee to the world, from the dust or the pit.

We will not be silent, but praise thee before all people, from a thankful heart, giving thee the glory and honor forever.

  1. Every chance I get, I will tell of your blessings and mercy to me. 1
  2. O Lord thou has saved me from a fate worse than death. 2-3
  3. Sing all ye saints in remembrance of our Holy GOD. 4
  4. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning. 5
  5. No matter how prosperous I become, I shall never be moved. 6-8
  6. You have kept me from dust and the pit, for I cannot praise thee there. 9-10
  7. I will not be silent, I will praise thee forever. 11-12
GOD bless you with his grace and peace