First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


1cor1.   "Where are the Wise?" Sunday November 20, 2016 11am


A lot of professors with all kinds of degrees, think they are wise and do not accept Jesus as their savior. When we all get to heaven, we will be looking around for them and Jesus will have already said depart from me, I never knew you. Those professors, that make fun of the gospel of Jesus will never make it. They think they have the wisdom of the ages, but all they have is a handful of fluff, that will deny them a place in GOD’s Kingdom. We will hear their weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.


The church is losing its way, slowly the world is creeping into the church. Worldly ways area being accepted, even though they go against the bible. Sex should only be between a married man and his wife, however churches are more and more allowing anything between consenting adults. Why even pretend to be a church if we are not going to follow the word?  At least the cults write their own bible and bring in the people who do not want to follow the Bible.


People seek churches where they can be entertained with a contemporary church, contemporary songs and dress, with a pep band, and unfortunately the list goes on. People tell me I feel out of place unless the church has a special class for people my age, status, etc.  We should not feel out of place anywhere that they are teaching the word of GOD. The word of GOD is what we need to be seeking, so we can have that full and abundant life that GOD wants to give us along with eternal life, comfort, mercy, love, peace and so much more.


 Some are looking for a church where we never mention hell or where there is a not a reminder that our actions have consequences. We need to come to church, having prayed for the power of Holy Spirit to anoint us and the pastor that we may connect to the word of GOD for all its benefits.


Paul confronts those whose ideas cause conflict in the church, and we know that almost always conflict has nothing to do with the word.

  Love is an action verb, not an emotion that we fall in and out of, but love is the keeping of the commandments of GOD.  

A. Prayers must go up for the church. 1-9

B. Must be united in Jesus the Christ 10-16

C. Preach the gospel, plain and simple, there is the power! 17-22

D. Preach Christ crucified!! 23-31

GOD bless you with his grace  and peace