First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


Colossians 2. Only Jesus Saves!! Sunday October 30, 2016 11am


Worship; Jesus says to worship in spirit (Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower us to love the Lord with all our might, soul, strength and mind) and in truth

 ( Pray for the Holy Spirit to make the word a Lamp unto our feet, a light unto our path.)

Evil wraps pretty packages, but inside is death, pain, and sorrow for those who open them. Evil even goes into churches to make people feel inferior or superior because they do or do not do certain activities. Paul tells us over and over again, it is the heart that GOD watches to see if we put Jesus first, not the outward show of activities. Life is so simple we are complete in Jesus alone.


   Some churches are looking for activities that make them superior. In Paul's day they tried to keep certain traditions alive so they would be the spiritual elite. Must be circumcised, following the laws were necessary for salvation, watching their diets (Kosher) and observing holy days, surely, this would make them the spiritual elite.  However, Christian, as these activities seem; whatever appearance of wisdom or humility there might be, the apostle assures them that here was no real honor in them, and that they were wholly to be avoided. We are Not to add to what Jesus did on the cross.


Paul encourages us to have a heartfelt Christian love for GOD. GOD was not happy that the people were going through the motions with all kinds of elaborate ceremonies. GOD wants a heart that loves him and their neighbors. Ceremonies can lift the emotions, but can hide a stone cold or complacent heart. We miss the mark, when we replace the love of GOD with an emotional service, expecting GOD to be pleased with all the pageantry of the service. GOD would prefer just a simple church service where the Bible is read and the word is made a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our way. Let us not be like the man whose donkey was more in tune with GOD than he was.


A. Hearts united in Christian love in knowledge of Jesus and his church. 1-2

B. Faith in Jesus and his word opens the door to life’s greatest treasures. 3-4

C. Stand fast in GOD=s word, the only sure source for truth. 5-7

D. We are complete in Jesus no matter what the world may say. 8-15

F.  Jesus frees us from religious rites to prove that we are a Christian 20-23

GOD bless you with his grace and peace