First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


Colossians 1. “Pray Grace Forward.”Sunday October 23, 2016 11am 

If we really want to help people, let us pray grace forward.

Want to change the world or our nation, let us pray for GOD’s grace to descend on all peoples. When GOD’s gift of grace, through Jesus’ death on the cross is in us, grace can be passed on to others. What a miracle will be performed when we pass it on to others. We can bless  other lives so wonderfully, by directing them to the grace of GOD. They will be blessed with comfort, peace, joy, eternal life in heaven, strength to face the day and so much more, so let us work, to bring that grace to the lost, those who are without Jesus as savior. This is really, truly, love, when we pray forward the grace of GOD to all that we meet in the walk of life.

The foundation of Grace, is  Faith, faith in what GOD has done for us through his son Jesus, on the cross.  How can they believe? unless they hear the word of  GOD.  Faith starts with the belief that Jesus, GOD’s son,  died that we might have eternal life. Faith, that following GOD’s word is what GOD wants and blesses. Faith must persevere and endure to the end of our life.
Grace gives us Hope, and hope is what we long for, and that hope is laid up for us  in heaven, and becomes sight, when we will join GOD  in heaven. 

Love, as we should know is an action verb, where we treat others as GOD has directed;  based on  his word.  Following GOD’s word assures us that we will fulfil the command to walk  worthy of GOD’s calling. 

Having this foundation of Grace, by being filled with faith, hope and love will make for us a wonderful journey through this life.

A. Pray GOD’s grace on others, making each life more wonderful. 1-3
B. Praying for you always that your faith, hope and love remains strong 4-6
C. Study and follow the word, that we might walk worthy 7-11
D. Thanks be to GOD for his grace;   In all things give thanks to GOD  12-14
E. Jesus was in the beginning, all things were created by him 15-18
F. Mystery revealed,  Jesus,  by his blood,  reconciled all to GOD. 19-23
GOD bless you with his grace and peace