First Baptist of Saura Valley
Friday, January 15, 2021


Eph 6. “Why all this Armour?”Sunday Morning October 16, 2016, 11am    

Why all this Armour? That is a good question and the answer is that our enemy, the devil, who supports the spirit of the antichrist, can blow us away like a leaf blower blows leaves.  We are not able by ourselves to stand against the schemes of Satan.

What does the Armour consist of? First the truth, do not be misguided the only truth that will stand for eternity is GOD’s word. Righteousness, must be put on and we can only put on righteousness, if we have, Jesus the Christ as our savior. Be ready to use the word of GOD wherever we go or whatever we do. Faith so strong, that we are like a tree planted by the water, we shall always believe in Jesus. Salvation, Jesus saves, Jesus saves. Word of GOD, know the holy scriptures so we will know how to handle each situation. Prayer, pray without ceasing, bathe each moment of our life with prayer. Pray for all saints to have this armour.

 When one becomes a Christian, the fight really begins. The closing portion of Paul’s letter explains his account of the Christian’s conflict with evil forces.  Remember Job, one of GOD’s most faithful  people, but Satan thought that if GOD allowed him to be tried, Job would turn against GOD and curse him. Job stayed true to GOD even in the most horrific of times and won the victory.

When Satan loses one to GOD through faith in Jesus, evil really steps up the attack. Our faith is constantly under attack, because Satan wants us to turn away from GOD back to him. Satan, also does not want us to shine the light  of GOD, because others would turn to GOD also.

  Satan is a liar and deciever, and would lead us into disaster,  but if we know the truth found in GOD’s word, we will win many battles. Satan never sleeps and knows our every weakness. It is because of these moments of weakness that we must put on the whole armor of GOD. 

Knowing that GOD will never leave us nor forsake us; let us be strong in the Lord, vigilant and stay true to GOD forever, allowing us to savor the wondrous present and glorious future awaiting. 
A. Be obedient to authority, as all things must be done  unto the Lord. 1-8
B. Masters treat your helpers good , remember, we all work for the Lord. 9
C. Be strong in the Lord, for peace, joy, Comfort, victory against evil. 10-18.
D. Standing strong in the Lord, encourages others to stand strong. 21-24
GOD bless you with is grace and peace