First Baptist of Saura Valley
Monday, January 25, 2021


Psalm 2021. “Where is Our Trust?” Wednesday Oct 12, 2016, 7pm
Have we, as the people, ever cried out with such passion to be heard and delivered from a very troublesome time? Now as our nation continues to erode morally, we too, must cry out, for GOD, to intervene for us. O Lord, please hear our cry; restore our nation to you, as we have many enemies, who want to stop your voice from being heard.

They have intended evil upon thee, they think they can remove you from our nation, which they cannot do! Be thou exalted, O Lord, prepare your arrows of truth to strike at their hearts. 

They trust in weapons of mass destructions, tanks, and great armies. But we Lord trust in you, we see, that those who trust in other than you Lord, has caused our nation’s infrastructure to crumble. We rejoice in thy salvation and in the name of our GOD, this will be our banner for life. Our leaders think that they have stolen our joy, but our joy shall be in thy strength and salvation.

Lord, thou has blessed us as Christians,  above all peoples, for you have given us life forever and forever. So we will sing of thy strength and glory forever.

A. Lord this is a troublesome time hear and defend us. 19:1-4
B. Even in trouble times, we rejoice in thy salvation. 19:5-6
C. Our nation trusts in their own strength, but we trust in you Lord. 19:7-9
D. Your salvation has given us life forever and ever. 20:1-6
E. They intend all this for evil, but  Judgement day is coming. 20:7-13